How to approach a really manic week!

manic week

You’ve only got to look at the diary to know this is going to be a manic week!   Monday Well, the week starts with a  session with my wonderful coach who will boost my confidence and point me in the right direction for the next week of developing the Head’s Office business. I then go to one of the […]

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Look at the unusual art enhancing learning at Aveley Primary!

Art enhancing learning at Aveley Primary

On a recent visit to Aveley Primary School in Essex I was struck by the art work I saw and how it must add to the children’s learning if only in a subliminal way. Vision Board     The shape of the school logo has been used to  illustrate its values. The school is a large one with lots of […]

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A Brush with Death by Malcolm Parnell

A brush with death

As you will know if you are a regular here, I like reading. I don’t do enough  reading for pleasure but when I do I I love a mystery. Remember my review of the Santa Klaus Mystery? Well, I’ve been invited to share two books and the first is ‘A Brush with Death’ by Malcolm Parnell.    The story Harry is […]

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Mother Nature’s Beauty – Stourhead


This is a very short post just so that I can share the beauty of this autumn at Stourhead. You’ll know if you are a regular visitor here that it is a special place for us. One that never fails to calm us, ground us and remind us how wonderful the world is. My special birthday  It was not a […]

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Are you stressed? What’s the cure?

National Stress Awareness Day

What happened to October? Actually, I need to ask the same question about September. The months are so busy that I’m not getting a chance to draw a breath let alone stop and smell the coffee. Life is busy This is just a short note to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you all. You will have seen my […]

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Are you fed up with hotel rooms?

Warner Leisure Garden Lodges

Sleeping under canvas was never something I was interested in doing, even as a youngster. The  thought of the hard ground, the cold over night and the possibility of animals trying to share my sleeping bag really put me off. As a teenager, my parents would hire a caravan for a week for our annual holiday and that was fun […]

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Is arthritis killing the life in you?

Arthritis empathy suit

Bounding down the stairs, I felt two stone lighter and twenty years younger. It was as if the old me had been replaced by this young lithe person. It was mind blowing! The change was due to two hours during which I was to experience some of the pain and disability a  sufferer of osteoarthritis deals with every day. The project […]

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