Double-Barrelled Names

Why have one name when two is far more interesting! Double-barrelled names are apparently becoming all the rage. In a recent article from the Huffington Post it would seem that if you want to be keeping up with celebrities, your new baby girl has a hyphen. Boys usually have just the one christian name but those with two are on the increase. I’ve […]

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Irritating cough!

Men can be frustrating. When mine has an irritating cough he is a nightmare! It starts with the snuffles. Nothing much but clearly something is happening in his nasal passages. I never met his mother but understand she was a lovely lady however, she missed out on effective nose blowing techniques when hubby was small. Consequently, at these snuffly times […]

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Retirement routine

Human beings are creatures of habit. Even the most laid back and free thinking folk follow a routine of sorts – morning routines on waking, last thing at night. You may think that once you retire, routines go out of the window. WRONG! Not having an enforced  timetable does not mean you can wait for life to fill your page […]

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