The Eyes have it!

This is my first foray into the Writing Workshop organised by Kat at Mama Losing It!. I have chosen prompt  ‘The most unbelievable blue eyes you’ve ever seen…’ When you’ve read mine, pop over & read the others!

‘Here’s looking at you kid’……This saying hasn’t really got anything to do with the content of this post as it doesn’t concern Humphrey Bogart but it seemed appropriate somehow! When I read that the prompt I thought of the Magnificent Three! In reverse order:-

Number Three –ole Blue Eyes himself – Frank Sinatra

Whether he is of your era for drooling you have to admit he had a fine set of vocal chords. He was obviously quite successful on the womanising front as well!

Number Two – the sauce making genius – Paul Newman

He was often the one paired  with Robert Redford (the dark haired-brown eyed one) & they prompted a similar choice to ‘Do you like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?’ For me, the blue eyes always won!

However, my top blue eyed star prize goes to *drum roll & trumpet sounds*

Number One – the motorcycling star of The Great Escape – Steve McQueen!

I once met someone who had met him! I was in awe. Rather like that very old song my granny taught me about dancing with the man who had danced with the girl who had danced with the Prince of Wales or some such lineage!

I just think he is (yes I know he left us a long time ago but still lives on in films) delicious! I could drown in those eyes & when the voice is added….! *Swoons*

The fact that I & my wonderful DS have blue eyes has nothing to do with these choices! No honestly! Who would you choose for this particular accolade? Which colour do you go for?

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