It’s summer Jim…just as we know it!

This post is for the writing workshop over at ‘Mama’s Losing It’  Prompt 5 is ‘What five images paint a perfect picture of summer to you? Put those five images together in a piece of writing.’

Now this is NOT the post I was going to write. I WAS going to write about the quintessential English summer day. I WAS going to tell you about spectators watching cricket listening to the sound of leather on willow as the ball is struck out onto the lush, newly mown grass. Or I might have told you about tennis and different spectators enjoying English strawberries and cream. Of course I would have mentioned the growing warmth as the season took hold. The lovely smell that the world has as the sun begins its descent behind the apple trees with their branches bending with the weight of the fruit waiting to be picked.

Sadly, those things are not part of this post!

Instead, I offer you this!

Not quite the epitome of an English summer but quite appropriate to show the resilience of this band of ‘happy’ campers. This is Sidmouth on the Jurassic Coast which is in the South West of the country. The picture was taken today, with a week left in the month of August, just a few days away from the Bank holiday. As we sat in the car, occasionally putting the wipers on so that we could see out onto the scene, we marvelled at the stoicism of those who would not be deterred from ‘going on the beach’. We gasped as we saw those who decided not to fight the elements & wore as little as possible. Economising on washing & drying later no doubt!

A troupe of fellows passed in a constant stream. They all seemed to have wet suits or the like & all appeared happy in their endeavours. It transpired that they were taking part in an Aquathlon .   This comprises of swimming 600m & running 5K! They didn’t look out of place with the other trippers.

It was good to see that even in the weather & the current recession that seaside places like this are still thriving. Perhaps Noel Coward should have altered the words in his song to  ‘Mad dogs & English men go out when it is tipping down!’

Are you a mad day tripper or would you have stayed at home?

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