Alterior Motive?

The job description was clear.
You appointed me. I joined your team.
I did as you asked & brought success,
Great success that was envied by others

Suddenly there was a change.
I didn’t understand. What had I done?
I kept trying. Just doing my job
Then the tap was turned – drip
Drip, drip, drip – each comment, drip, look, drip,

When I asked – you said nothing.
You just undermined me everywhere
So that fear took over. I was a mess.
Didn’t want to come in but couldn’t stay at home
Then you sprang!
Wrenched me out of my comfort zone
Put me in a horrible place

At times I couldn’t breathe. I thought I would die
You thought you had won
But I survived though, after a fashion
Time allowed me some perspective
You had not won. I had!
The future for me was success
For you it was despair.

This post is for Josie’s Writing Workshop #24. I have chosen prompt 4 – Have you ever felt bullied? At work?  How did you deal with that? Tell us your story

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