Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunch

The theme for this week’s phonoegraphy picture over at the Daily Post is Lunch. That gives me a problem because we don’t really ‘do’ lunch nor breakfast. Having said that we do have a banana with our cup of tea and orange juice first thing but don’t have anything substantial until 11am. So my entry is really ‘Brunch’.

This photo is of our Saturday morning brunch. As you know we are creatures of habit and go to Cafe Ronak on a Saturday morning. It is part of that wonderful Gloucester Road, that was my entry for last weeks theme.

We are spoilt for choice I must admit but have taken the staff and brilliant atmosphere at Cafe Ronak to our hearts so we are regulars. We usually have the same thing too! This fits with hubby’s high blood pressure / cholesterol scare of a year ago so it is tuna sandwiches with a great side salad.

The decaff coffee is sublime so if you are about, do drop in!

They have a Face Book page so you can ‘like’ them wherever you are!

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