Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

The gang over at Daily Post have asked for photos depicting our habits. I’m not sure what they are likely to get!!

One share-able habit that we have, is to go out for supper on a Sunday evening. It started when I was still working as a Head teacher. I’ve always found Sundays difficult and as a teacher you usually spend most of the day planning the work for the next week. It was the same in headship, although the work that was done was not about lesson planning.

To try to make it bearable and to give me something to look forward to, we started to go out for supper. Now, for teachers going out on a ‘school night’ is considered a lynching event! The way we thought about it though was, I wasn’t going to sleep well so might as well have a glass of wine and a nice supper. It can’t hurt can it?

Since retiring, I still find Sundays tricky and although not quite as bad who needs an excuse to go out for supper?! This week we went to Prezzo on the Bristol Waterfront. We are fans of this Italian chain and were not disappointed!

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