Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

As we change from November to December, I have changed the header here. This is a ‘quarterly’ change that I do but it is not based on the weather. We don’t seem to get defined seasons anymore or is that my memory playing tricks?

Anyway, the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge of Changing Seasons, took me into my garden and what a sad place it looks! I like to think that all the plants have gone to sleep and will burst into life next year.

However, when I pan round ( technical term!) things are not as silent as they should be! Just look at those geraniums! I cannot pull up plants that still have life in them so they had a stay of execution when I did all the cutting back recently. I’m very glad I left them because they clearly are not ready to become compost!

So, not a clear change of the seasons really – YET!

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