You’ll never guess what!


Come over here! You’ve got to hear this!

My Mum got me all dressed up this morning & told me we were going to meet someone really special. She said I had to be on my best behaviour & make sure I stayed with her as where we were going would be very busy. Lots of people would be there.

Well she wasn’t wrong there! There were thousands of them. Some had flags, some had balloons. They were singing & cheering. They were all having a great time. I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about until the people around me became quiet. I had been pushed to the front because, well I’m only little aren’t I.

Then I saw what they were all waiting for – a man in a white frock! I had to really look up high to see him but he had very white hair & a smiley face. He was obviously a special person because when he had gone everyone around was really tearful & very happy.

Apparently, he is the Pope. I’m not sure I understand exactly what his job is or why people are so happy to see him but Mum says I’ll understand more when I’m older.


This post has been written for Monday Morning Meme, the idea of Karen over at Write From Karen. You may also like to vist Gary at the Blog up North as he has posted about children, God & the Pope’s visit.

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