The Garden Centre Conspiracy?

We love garden centres! They have such lovely cakes & make a really good cup of tea!

Why do I see you looking quizzically at me? Isn’t that what garden centres are for now- tea & cakes?! Oh alright. I know it’s about plants & growing & stuff  & I always go with such great anticipation of what I’m going to get & how I’m going to really make a difference in my garden. The one we visit has recently had a major revamp & is really splendid now. You feel as if you are walking up the red carpet at the Oscars with the banks of flowers there to tempt you!

Once there though I feel such despair! How on earth can I get my small garden to look that wonderful within our small budget?  Must make an effort though. Reading the labels, it all sounds so easy doesn’t it? How difficult can it be really – dig a hole, put plant in, cover over, water! Done! Simples as the meerkats would say. Well we all know that there is a lot more to it.

Luckily, Jenny is there to help. Jenny is a wondrous being who knows EVERYTHING about plants whether they are flowers or vegetables. She is also there to give you the confidence that you too can be a gardener. Sadly, this time she is the bearer of sad news – ‘Yes those cordilines (spiky things) should have been fleeced (brought in) when it snowed. They are now dead. You’ll have to dig them out & start again.’

As retired folk, we can go around during the week when ‘poor people’ can’t (that’s poor people who are working). Needing to speak to Jenny, we went on Sunday. Goodness, the sun certainly brings people out – it was packed. It reminded me of driving along country lanes in the summer – lots of Sunday drivers out with no idea of the rules of ‘engagement’. I’m sure people spend the day  there!

Perhaps there is an alternative agenda here. Perhaps Garden Centres are trying to cash in on the ‘Staycation’ idea.  Getting people to spend their holiday money on doing up their gardens. Perhaps before long, they will allow you to stay in the Garden Centre so you can cut out all that hard work of digging & planting.  They certainly sell everything you need & more (where do the contents of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill department feature in your garden?). So what’s happened to the garden centre with just seeds, compost, dirt  & a man in wellies to help? Is there  a conspiracy going on?

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