Tangible Support

It’s been a funny old week –with extreme highs & extreme lows. Looking back it is probably quite a balanced week though I suppose. I had three disappointments – 2 friends who I was looking forward to getting together with were poorly so had to cancel. Those meetings can be rearranged. The third sadness was having to give something up that I felt had real potential. I couldn’t break through though so I had to leave folks who were looking to me to help.

I had to step away because it was affecting me too much; it wasn’t healthy or appropriate but leaving still made me sad. The fallout from that decision though was surprising. Action was taken that would not have occurred if I had continued. People began to take responsibility. People thanked me. That made me sad.

It made me sad not because I was being all coy & self effacing but because I didn’t realize how they felt. We are very lucky here in the world of twitter to have great support. We can send out a tweet about feeling down & almost immediately, the support will come flooding in. I even got some wonderful flowers from such a tweet.

However, is that enough? Of course we need to provide sympathy but the real support is often needed not when things are at rock bottom but when they just need an additional push to really make a difference. It is about support that you can see, touch, feel. It is about people stepping up to the plate to do just a little more than usual. Our blogging friends Rosie Scribble & Josie George have brought us examples of how we can step up to help others in the world & this we must do.

Sometimes though, we don’t have to look that far.

…and in a similar vein

Here is a picture of my MoonWalk trainers!

I went to a running shop (stop laughing. I’m not kidding!) They got my walking on a treadmill so that they could film the way my feet reacted to the exercise. Apparently, considering the miles of school corridors I have paced in my time, my feet are in a reasonable condition.

They are one whole size bigger than I would normally wear to allow for the swelling during the walk. It was at this point that I began to realize just what I had done by entering!! Still, I have plenty of time to practice & you Dear Reader to encourage me that it will all be fine (check back on 15th May 2011 for the result)

As I was being SO good & as I had wanted a pair of pink trainers, my darling OH bought me these for Christmas.

They are everyday trainers but have been put away until Santa can deliver them!

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  • So nice that so much car and attention was put into finding the perfect trainers for you, that said I am loving the pink pair, so trendy I’d feign an ankle injury just so I could wear them around the office as well as the commute. xxx

  • I have always wanted to get some personally made tennis shoes and maybe I will ask for that for Christmas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. These types of weeks teach us things about ourselves and our worlds, don’t they…even though they are hard.

  • It is such a shame that people only really say what they feel at times like that. I’m sorry it’s been such an up and down week. I know that feeling, I truly do. I’m having my own rollercoaster in many ways.

  • You have provided tangible support for me this week and I am ever so grateful of it. The web world that I inhabit brings so many wonderful people together and great resources that would often bee far from reach, so a great big thank you from The Mad Family

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