Tales from the Head’s Office #9

There is a lot going on in school at the moment so I’m writing a lot from my Office. Hope you like my quips, quotes &  ramblings many of which come from 13 years experience as a HT


School’s Out!

Many parents are getting ready for a big adventure this week.

For some it is the start of 5/6 weeks wonderful weeks with their children. They will spend lots of time together playing, talking, exploring, laughing. They will take the opportunity to just immerse themselves in family life & be happy that the routine of school is not getting in the way.

For others, the holidays bring a living nightmare.

Firstly, there are those working parents who have to arrange ‘cover’ for their youngsters. They go off to work but I suspect a great deal of thinking time is spent worrying about what the children are doing. In many cases the money earnt just covers the child minding fees!

The other nightmare sufferers are those parents who do not really know their children well enough to spend quality time together. For them it is one of the most expensive times of the year, trying to find ways to entertain their children who have become like strangers to them.

I have noticed that for a number of my blogger friends this school holiday will be like no other because their ‘little’ one will be off to school in September. For some of you, it is the last time this will happen as your family is already grown. From some of the comments I’ve read, many feel like it is the end of being mum 24/7. They question whether this should be happening. Where has the time gone? How will I cope?

Certainly it will be strange. Change is always strange at first but it is also a great opportunity. A chance to fill that space with some ‘you’ things. As your children learn & grow at school (they will be looked after very well I assure you! 😉 you must also grow & develop. You owe it to them to be something in addition to Mum.

That doesn’t mean you have to go out & carve a career in the stock market or become a chief executive! It just means using the skills & talents you have. Sadly I have seen parents (usually mums) who become the shell of their former selves when their children go to school. They seem lost & are unable to offer the balance that children need.

If you are one of those who will be ‘free’ in September use this holiday to share your children’s excitement about their new adventure. Start making a list of all the things you are going to do & be excited with them!

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  • What an interesting, smart perspective on it all. i am in my first week of 7 weeks of summer and i always find the first week so hard. (mine are only 4 and 1 1/2). I would love to immerse myself in family life if only i had the energy! But i fully take on board your point about needing to keep growing as an individual. I do believe that is key.

    another great post full of insight and experience!

  • I’ve just lived through two weeks of winter holidays – just. We spent a week at home, unwinding, doing not much, getting bored – I don’t think enough time is spent being bored these days – and then a week in a whirl of visiting, playing, having fun.

    The balance was there, but I think next time I’ll spread the whirling between the boredom a bit more evenly. Not that easy when you’re a WAHM, but my oldest is only in first grade, so I figure I have some time to figure things out.

  • …& in September??

  • What a timely post. I will be sending Mini off to school in September and yes will miss him so so much, but he is so ready for the big wide world. I will be looking for work, something to help fill my time. I have done my best and been the main influence in his life for the early years and I am so looking forward to a summer of joy and fun

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