• I became a parent governor when my children’s school had a vacancy. However, I was the only nomination and I know that there were many parents who didn’t know what it entailed and so didn’t even bother asking.

    My wife sigbned up to support the PTA and although she was asked to be secretary, she never felt like part of the clique.

    That is where i think a lot of parents get it wrong. They feel like if they’re not part of the in crowd in school then they shouldn’t become part of it.

    I am not part of the in crowd but knew my professional expertise could be useful as a governor so put my head above the parapet. Luckily our governors are not at all cliquey but our PTA can be.

  • Mine isn’t at school yet but I think some sort of parent involvement in the school. So maybe reading to the class, or something like that. This could be as frequent as the parent wanted. Perhaps 2 slots a week and parents volunteer. Found you on BMB and wanted to stop by and say hi. Look forward to seeing your new blog site.

  • ask me again in 6 months! boy starts in jan.


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  • My children have all left now, but when they were at school I used to like to help out when I could. I didn’t have any particular skill, but listened to children read and also helped the headteacher run an after school cookery club. We even managed to get the Sainsbury’s School cookery bus to come along to visit us! Other parents helped with gardening club, chess club etc., but the cookery club was most popular and had a waiting list! This is nothing to do with me, but the fact that they all wanted to be Jamie Oliver. On another occasion, some mums came in and showed the children ‘old fashioned’ playground games like skpping, jacks etc. One mum, at a fete, even made chips from scratch – the children were fascinated to see that they didin’t come in big bags from the freezer!

    I think involving parents, using the ‘skills’ they have makes them feel more part of school life. Although some children would be mortified at their parents turning up in school!

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