Playing for Money!

Now Dear Reader if you visit here regularly you will know that I like to be up with most things in this busy world. I like to stay up with the latest trends & I’ve always got an opinion! I do not do video games though even though they are the rage. At my age they seem to be too violent & far too complicated.

However, never say never! I was approached to review 56 Sage Street. At first I thought the title referred to me as old(!) but  in fact it was appealing to my ‘Headteacher /Mother’ personas. It is an excellent learning resource that will stand youngsters in good stead when it comes to money.

It is aimed at the 13-20 year old market & is a free game from Barclays. It follows the usual format of a story with a  character who is mugged at the beginning of the piece. They can then become hero or heroine by solving a variety of challenges – finding a place to live, getting a job, keeping themselves safe & fed. They can meet people & if they make the right contacts they will eventually get to 56 Sage Street home of Mr C the mysterious benefactor behind it all.

Have a look at this to get a taste of the game:- 56 Sage Street – The Game – Trailer

56 Sage Street provides an ideal FREE learning platform for your teenagers using a medium they are familiar with & rate. It lets youngsters find out all those things in the real world that you will try to explain but  they won’t listen to, coming from you!

You can download the game here & save it to Face Book (another cool benefit!!)

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