#Nurture1213 – a review

Last year a group of educators shared their hopes and wishes for the new year ( see #Nurture1213) . Before I put together my list for 2014, here is my review on my success (or otherwise!) of 2013!

  1. Learn to relax more – not really a success. I’m retired but still run my timetable to that of schools so there are times when I can’t wait to retire!
  2. Exercise more regularly.- sort of success. I have discovered swimming and was going at least once a week, if not twice. During that time I got up to half a mile at a time. Unfortunately, the lurgy put a stop to me going recently but after Christmas I will be back in the pool.
  3. Read more  books – not really. I’m still only reading in the bath each day so that must go on next year’s list!
  4. Get the piano out – no. It is still gathering dust under the stairs.
  5. Blog more – well not really but there are extenuating circumstances! I set up a blog for my local governors association and posted daily. I also kept up Relentless Optimism which was a photo a  day for 365 days. My ’13 Challenges’ project faltered mid year I’m afraid. did lots of them but just didn’t get to blog about them
  6. Drink more water – that came in fits and starts but overall not an embedded success.
  7. Stop thinking of going on a slimming diet to lose weight. I lose weight when I am calm and happy – still need to lose weight.
  8. Extend the influence of 100 Word Challenge – SUCCESS! I have been overwhelmed by the increase in entries each week. Before the holiday, there were on average 1200+ each week.
  9. Closely linked with no.8 is the need to greatly increase the number of people involved in commenting both on 100WC and 5SC – not the success of no.8. I need 600 people for it to be a smooth operation but have maximum of 150.
  10. Take more care when tweeting! – a bit better but predictive text does do the strangest things!
  11. Speaking of social media, I must get to grips with Face Book – quite a success although it will never replace Twitter
  12. Do more living in the moment rather than worrying about the future and thinking about the past – nope. Still not got this one nailed
  13. Get more music into my life – I have been driving much more and always play music in the car so a moderate success.

Possibly a 50:50 split between success and failure. Fingers crossed for the 2014 challenges which will be available soon.

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