My week – 14th November

Just like buses, you wait for ages then several come along together. That is my diary at the moment! As several of you commented, last week was a busy one. This past one was as busy.

As you know it started with a train journey to a foreign land where they served cup cakes and celebrated Remembrance with poppies that stretched to the sky. I took my mi-fi with me in case the internet did not stretch that far. It did!

Then there were lots of meetings at school with figures, graphs and appointing a new clerk. Conference planning also happened with like minded folks.

The week ended with Children in Need and my own little bear! It was also the week where the leaves on the trees finally admitted defeat and started falling to their seasonal home.

Oh, by the way, the gas men are still here but have tidied up!

What did your week involve?image

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