More signs!

As often happens – like with red buses and policemen – you search and search for signs then two (or more) come along!

We went on a trip for hubby’s birthday to Portland Bill. It has a magnificent light house with an even more impressive fog horn. We have visited in the past in rough weather and when it goes off, you are almost knocked to the ground. Your whole body vibrates and I burst into tears it was so extreme. So, a good notice to have:

For those who don’t know the Bill, it is where seven different channels of water vie for supremacy creating huge waves and enormous energy. The weather and sea have eroded the coastline and it has craggy rocks along the shear edges that cry out to be climbed (by some!)

So, it is good to see safety notices like this.

However, it is fixed to this edifice and could almost be ignored as a father and son showed while we were there!

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