Me in a Word?

My dear friend Chris over at Thinly Spread has tagged me in a meme. Now that isn’t anything to be surprised about is it? However, most memes give you, the reader, information about the writer. This one is different – YOU have to do the work! It is all the idea of  Michelle at  Mummy From The Heart who has realised that in this world of speed, rush, worry, we give very little time to thinking positive thoughts about ourselves.  

When I was teaching, many of those children who had problems with learning & school in general would find it really hard to accept a ‘well done’ or a ‘I think you were really kind when you…’ For some reasons many people find it hard to accept nice things being said. For me, it comes from my childhood where my mother often warned about being big-headed. Whatever the cause – we need to stop it!

  This meme is where (oh my goodness I can feel myself getting hot under collar!) you have to sum me up (nicely) in a word.

 As it is about spreading the positivity around I am going to tag 4 blogging friends who could do with some cheer & smiles! They have to write their ‘One Word Meme’ post with the appropriate links so that we can all go & say lovely things to them too!

Julie over at Kailexness

Henrietta at Marketing to Milk

Wendy over at Whimsical Wife

Jenny (with the biggest bump you ever saw) at Mummy Mishaps

Get writing ladies!

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