Last Week I Learnt That …#23

  • There are some people who earn more money by staying at home than others get working 35 hours a week and that does not seem fair. I’m sure they would have bona fide reasons but I just can’t get my head round it. Hubby and I were talking about it and he came up with the suggestion that at the very most people should not receive more than the minimum wage as benefit payments.                                                 Obviously, there will be the problem of finding a job but that is covered by other benefits as I understand. It just seems very wrong to encourage people not to make a contribution and be paid for it. Perhaps the issue about children in large families suffering should be looked at from a different view point. ‘Can we afford to have these children with neither of us working?’
  • Paris at any time of the year is wonderful! Even if you have to have your coat on, sitting at a pavement café having the most delicious coffee can’t be beaten!
  • Sunshine has gone out of fashion. I was really shocked but then not surprised when I heard that rickets was on the increase in children. The disease that is linked to malnutrition that we usually hear about in areas of the world where famine is rife is now becoming more common in the UK. The reason that I was not surprised was the way young mums seem to be obsessed with covering their babies up. You often see sheets (many a dark cover) across the front of a pram or push chair preventing any light, let alone sunshine, from getting through. Obviously we don’t want the children to get burnt by the sun but there is no fear of that during the winter months surely!
  • Seeing soldiers with guns on the Champs Elysees is very scary.
  • The Eiffel Tower is very high! What a stupid thing to write you may be thinking Dear Reader. It is one of THE iconic sights that always takes my breath away. We have visited Paris on many occasions and I have to visit and it always makes me cry. This time we tried to go up it but I panicked and had to come back down so that I could breathe again! I was really shocked that this spectacle that I have taken to my heart could make me so terrified.
  • A few prams and pushchairs can take over a coffee shop!  I really haven’t anything against babies and toddlers (although you may think differently having read this post!) It’s just that at times they seem to take over the world and reduce the space for the rest of us. This observation was not made in Paris by the way. Interestingly, they don’t have push chairs in cafes and bars!

Bit of a ranting week I’m afraid despite having a wonderful time in Paris. How was your week will I was away? 

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  • I love Paris! I’ve been up the Eiffel tower twice, amazing especially if you hang around for sunset and the lights coming on. Maybe next trip you could try a stiff drink before you go!

  • (I love these bulleted posts of yours.) Eiffel Tower–we used to take the 8th-graders to the top of the Empire State Building, and the last time I went to the top, my legs got wobbly after stepping off the elevator–and I couldn’t walk a straight line! Glad you had a great time–what a thoughtful hubby you have.

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