Join the Revolution!

‘Oh the times they are a-changing’

So say the words of Dylan’s song & they are certainly appropriate for the times we find ourselves in. With the economy in the doldrums (to say the least) with jobs being lost & with little hope for many, it would seem that change is not a good thing.

Walking down many High Streets it is very clear that retail businesses are suffering but there is always one that seems to be able to weather the storms & that is the The Co-operative. In my own area they have taken over another supermarket chain & refurbished two outlets – bit of a revolution!

Actually, this wouldn’t be the first time that the name Cooperative has been linked with revolution. In 1844 a group of weavers & artisans in Rochdale clubbed together to provide basic food stuffs. The mechanisation brought about by another revolution, the Industrial one had brought poverty to many skilled  workers. Although a struggle each put in £1 & this enabled them to buy a small range of items. Within 3 months they had extended their selection & within 10 years the British cooperative movement had over 1000 cooperatives.

This approach of doing it for yourself, Getting involved  & supporting those around you is still at the fore front of the Coop’s work. They have just launched a new advertising campaign to remind us of their heritage & to  encourage us to get involved in schemes that are running. The range of these is quite amazing qwith inner city beekers, green schools initiatives, a film academy, supporting Kenyan tea farmers, helping a Cumbrian village to set up its own wind power resource.

They even have a football club – FC United with over 3000 shareholders. Based in Manchester it offers courses for many of those who would not be able to afford to access them. It’s most recent initiative is a Community Football Coach Apprenticeship aimed at children in the area.

All of these initiatives are funded through the Enterprise Hub & mean that ordinary people can make a difference right  on their back door & !  

Do pop over & join the Facebook page to show your support & get in touch if you have the embryo of an idea that you want support for!

Come on – Join the Revolution!

FC United

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