Jessica Fletcher

The theme for the Gallery this week is ‘Inspirational Women’ and mine is Jessica Fletcher. I’m sure there will be some wonderful pieces about family and friends who have provided inspiration so do go and visit Sticky Fingers

My choice is a fictional character. When I retired from headship, life was really tough. I suffer from anxiety and the demons certainly came flooding in once the pressures of my job had gone. I cried every day and if it hadn’t been for my wonderful husband, I know there would have been days when I didn’t get out of bed.

His approach as a sufferer of OCD was bound to have was routine. I had a timetable of things to do. Nothing major but things like reading for an hour, going out for a walk, sorting my emails. Each task had a time scale and gradually the day passed reasonably well apart from the tears.

The afternoon found me doing a jig-saw puzzle and watching TV and my regular watch was ‘Murder She Wrote’. For those of you who work and don’t watch afternoon TV, you may not have come across it’s heroine Jessica Fletcher. She is a widow, living in Cabot Cove, Maine who has found a talent from solving and writing about murders.

This programme became one of my ‘friends’. It was reliable. I knew the format and Jessica always solved the mystery. I think one of the appeals was also that the actress who played her, Angela Lansbury, was not a young girl. I could associate with her and in many ways I could tell myself that if Jessica can do it so can I.

So, here is a great big thank you to Jessica. You got me back on my feet and even now I have to touch base with her!

Jessica Fletcher


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