If wishes were kisses….!

As  you know we’re really excited about THE WEDDING in our house. We have all our finery ready.

 I see you looking a bit bemused. You are thinking-  has she got an invite already? I’m not talking about THAT wedding but our son’s on 19th December. He has chosen his life’s partner & we will be there to share in their celebrations & wish them every happiness.

The OTHER wedding is of course William to Kate Middleton. Now although it is very unusual for a member of the royal family not to marry someone from the Upper Classes, it is not unusual in this day & age for the Prince to choose his bride for love.(We won’t go into the success of those choices here thank

The Golden Prince - Rebecca Dean


A parcel dropped through my letter box yesterday & inside was a new book – The Golden Prince by Rebecca Dean. It is the love story of Prince Edward, later to become Edward VIII of (Wallace Simpson fame). From the blurb & press release, if the young prince had been able to make his own choice, history may have been completely different.

Now, I’m going to read it & come back to tell you about it. I read very slowly though so I think it might be better if you get your own copy now. It would be great for snuggling-up reading in the snow!

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