Flip flop flop!

Yesterday I saw a pair of these in a shop window.

They are very tiny believe me ! I was going to post & ask you if this is fashion gone barking mad but then  I saw something that made me even more gobsmacked

I was trawling Google for a picture to show you when I bumped into a forum where people are talking about them. The one that has my jaw on the ground is the one that says with reference to the picture above ‘Little one is 3 months old. He has tried them on & they didn’t seem to hurt so they must be OK ‘.

In true Victor Meldrew fashion I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! I think they are a health & safety incident waiting to happen when they are on grown up feet but….

Come on Mums – is it me?

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  • Looking at them alone makes me cringe! Mainly because I have a phobia about thong between my toes!! HATE Flip flops. That’s why I can’t buy Fit flops 🙁
    Why isn’t there a more trendy alternative to Fit flops from both MBT’s and Skechers??

    As regards their suitability for children? NO…. definitely not.

    Clarkes all the way…

    xx Jazzy

    • I’m with you there – couldn’t bear to have anything between my toes! I was a Clarkes girl too despite the cost! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I could not put baby shoes on my babies — just seemed so wrong plus I read everything under the sun about parenting and all the books said it was a big no-no. Babies need to be able to explore their tootsies and their world with bare or socked feet only. Which I’m told is maybe why all of my boys walked around 81/2-10 months old.

    If you must, they do have adorable socks these days that look like shoes these days:


  • suburbanmummyuk

    I don’t get it? WHY?!!
    I put little leather soft shoes on my kids when they are babies but only if it’s cold and to help keep their socks on and then I don’t even get them shoes until they are really stable lol

  • We had gorgeous soft little leather booties (for want of a better word) for when children started to toddle outside. They were called Bobux I think. Soft, not restrictive, and appropriate for toddling. Babies don’t wear shoes. Just as little girls don’t need g-strings!

  • Nope it’s not just you! Oli started walking before his first birthday and I waited a good couple of months so that he had established running before I got his a pair of flip flops but then they are more sandels.
    Those ones in the picture dont look either comfy or safe to walk in.

  • At 3 months those shoes a a “Mummy statement” not of any use for that child, I love flip flops and spend most of the year in them or similar but I wouldn’t consider them for my smalls, at almost 4 and 2 they are charging around like dynamos, climbing, skipping, jumping, they need shoes that hold to their feet and offer support not that flip and flop about.. Doodles all summer and shoes for the winter…. Wellies for big splashy muddy puddles 😀

  • Another example of the world of children gone mad. I am a TA at a primary school and when you see some of the fashions the children chose on a MUFTY day it makes me wonder. Then you see them in town and their parents and I know why, the parents want mini me not a child who is running and skipping . You quite often find the children who are sensibly attired are also calmer and work better because they are not living in an adult world.
    And don’t get me started on books they read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The latest favourite Cheryl Cole come on I was reading Malory Towers and the Twins at St Claires at their age with the occasional Just William thrown in or Biggles. And my Blue Peter Annual
    Ok Off my soap box

  • Never put anything only socks on mine until they were well walking and I had no choice 🙂 Those yokes are so silly, more about some mothers interest in fashion and their children looking good than thinking about the childs needs! Vanity (see, one would could have said it all lol) Jen

  • How silly! Like one of your other commenters, I never put shoes on any of my four childrens feet until they were walking outside. EVER. In the house, it was bare feet, and still is! Those just look dangerous. Why on earth would a 3 month old need ANY shoes, so obviously they’re just a fashion item aimed at mums who believe their children to be fashion accessory extensions of themselves.

  • No of course babies shouldn’t wear flip flops, or any other shoes. They cost enough when they DO need them, why make it any earlier! (I’m turning into a grumpy old woman!)

  • I would never put shoes on that could hurt until they were old enough to tell me…I’d hate to squash the toes with a flip flop…they’re uncomfortable at the best of times and yes they should be very very competent walkers to wear shoes like that, that have no protection whatsoever.

  • I never put shoes on the boys for what seemed like forever. Even now Mini has such wide feet I have major issues.

  • Hee hee hee. you’re asking me – the shoe menace?!!!!


  • I’m dead against footwear for children unless and until they are walking where their feet may be at significant risk of injury. In other words, even outside, bare feet are best.

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