Eating boiled eggs

With a quick flick of his knife, he scythes across the top exposing the golden yoke. In his hand is a tiny cup inviting his spoon to scope out the goodness.

She gently taps the top, gradually cracking the delicate shell. This causes her to burn her finger tips as she picks it off to reveal the virgin white of that rounded dome.

He grinds pepper straight onto his egg whilst she puts hers on the side of the plate. Although not usually a salt taker, she cannot eat a boiled egg without it so it is added to the small mound of pepper where, with her fingers, she fuses the seasons together. This mixture is sprinkled on the egg as it disappears down in the shell which is gradually emptying to reveal a clean surface that was once a potential home to life.

This was hubby and I eating our eggs the other day. The differences really struck me but the one thing we agreed on was that toast just has to be cut into soldiers for dipping!

Are you are cutter or a basher when it comes to eating boiled eggs?


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