Dear So & So #3





This post is another series of letters that it is best I don’t send. The meme was the idea of  Kat @3bedroom bungalow  


Dear Car Manufacturers,  

I am really surprised that a number of your new vehicles have been passed by the Health & Safety Executive because they clearly have not been fitted with indicators. I have been travelling behind a number of motorists who, without any warning have veered off onto side roads.  

Surely this is a situation that should be rectified as soon as possible.  


Nearly crashed driver  


Dear Cashier,  

I am interested to know if the scope of your training extended to differentiating between your customers.  

Whilst queuing to pay for my weekly shop, I noticed that you were polite, considerate & moved the items at a reasonable pace for the single lady in front of me. She had not brought her own bags but you were kind enough to provided her with at least 12 for her small amount of shopping.  

I, on the other hand, brought my own bags & packer (husband) & was treated to a grunt & my shopping being hurled at considerable speed down the conveyor belt.  

I would be most grateful if you could send me a copy of the paragraph outlining this approach to customer management.  


Owner of bashed shopping  


Dear Garden Centre Owners,  

I realise that trade may well be down with the recession & that you had to look for new markets.  

However, I think selling wheel barrows to parents & carers to transport their little darlings in, is a step too far.  Thankfully, most of them have not been used on muddy fields when they are brought into cafes & restaurants but they still present a space hazard.  


Wheeled- over coffee drinker  


..and two that I should send!  

Dearest Husband,  

You have made my life wonderful. You have supported me in so many ways. You have given me strength to face my fears  & been there when I was feeling very wobbly.  

I love you!  

Your Wife  


Note to self:  

You cannot change all the people all the time. They have to get there themselves. You have to put yourself first at times otherwise you will be ill.  



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