As it is the letter ‘D’ in Alphabe-Thursday’s tour of all our letters, I just had to post a little in praise of Daffodils. Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that my  avatar (picture) is of a daffodil. I have always loved them so thought I should share the reasons why:-

  • They are bright & the colour of the sun!
  • They have a scent all of their own not perfume as such but definitely of nature.
  • They stand proud. They are not one of these flowers that collapse as they grow. They battle with any weather
  • They do not make a mess when they die. By that I mean, they do not drop petals or pollen all over the place. They quietly shrivel with great dignity
  • Above all, they are a sign that Spring is on its way which is always a good thing after the winter.


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