Conflict or conscience?

This is a new thing at Jenny’s called Saturday Centus.  On Saturday she gives a prompt (which is the first paragraph) and then we have to come up with 100 words or less after it.  We have all week to do it and then link up at any time.  


My untied shoelace changed my life. As I leaned down to re-tie it, I kicked away a few leaves. When I turned my head slightly to look where the leaves had been, I was astonished to see a rubber-banded wad of hundred twenty pound notes nestled in a little indention in the muddy ground.

I bent to pick it up.

‘You’d better leave it there’, he said.

‘Why?’ I asked

‘Well you don’t know where it’s come from or who it belongs to. It might be a trap. You read about it all the time’ was his reply.

‘Who’d want to set a trap here’, I asked, my voice showing impatience.

‘I don’t know but it’s best to leave it’.

‘But it’s a great deal of money. We could use it,’ I pleaded, the pictures of a new car clear in my head.

‘But it’s not ours,’ he said softly.

We left it there.

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