Sometimes, you just have to get something off your chest! You need to rant, cry, scream!Sometimes, that something, could cause distress to others or it could make an already difficult situation much worse. Having the chance to post anonymously is the answer to the problem.

A group of my bloggers friends have decided to provide that anonymous space in their blogs. You can post in confidence knowing that you will not be recognised but still able to get support & advice from those reading.

There is a range of blogs available, with a range of readership and atmospheres.  If you’ve got a story to tell and nowhere that you feel able to tell it, feel free to pick one of their blogs where you think you’d feel most comfortable and get in touch.

Paula at Battling On

Sandy at Parent Confidential

Jay at Mocha Beanie Mummy

Nickie at Typecast

Emily at Mummy Limited

Bumbling at Bumbling Along

They are on Twitter too – @blognonymous please follow them and tell your friends – they’d really appreciate your support.

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