Bet you have to wiggle!

Now I have to admit to being a bit excited!
I’ve been holding this secret for a while but now I can let you in but only to the very start of it!

As regulars to Julia’s Place know, I’m keen to get and keep fit. You also know that sometimes I can feel a bit down. Well, it is a new year and in addition to my swimming, I’m going to start wiggling! It is supposed to be DANCING but…!

I have always been interested in dancing. I even when to college to train as a dance/ drama teacher. That was many moons ago but I still find it difficult not to tap my feet when a good beat comes over the radio.

So….here is your challenge. Play this and I bet you can’t stop your feet tapping or your head swaying or your hips moving! Go on, try it!


Now wasn’t that good?!!

The secret that I mentioned at the beginning is that those nice folks over at Activia have been in touch and asked if I would help promote their ‘Feel Good From Within’ campaign which has at it’s heart that feeling good start from the inside and that dancing is a great way to show how you feel. I think we all know that if we are happy inside, the days are somehow brighter.

Now obviously, I am getting something from this promotion. I can hardly tell you what for squeeing –  I’m going to meet Gok Wan! How fabulous is that?!

More about it all later but in the meantime, I’m off to find that bus stop!

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