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A number of years ago, I was looking round a school with a view to applying for a post. Before I went, I asked some colleagues what they knew about the school & the two things they mentioned were 1) the teachers left promptly at the end of the day 2) the children held the doors open for you.

The first point was disappointing but understandable as the school was going through a difficult time. The second point I found interesting. Of all the things that a school could be known for, door opening was quite a surprise!

I got the job & soon found that the children DID open the doors! It came from the staff & the work they did in class but it also came from the parents & the ethos of the school. It was amazing how visitors would comment on those little acts of politeness.

Now that I am older I still get a real great feeling when the door is opened for me or if someone waits for me to pass. Sadly it seems to happen less & less but it is something that is so easy to do. I must just try not to be so cross when people do not acknowledge when I do it!!

This post is for the Kindness Club over at Susie’s great blog A New Day A New Lesson. Do pop over & spend some time relaxing & reflecting!

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  • It doesn’t cost anything to teach children good manners and respect and I cannot understand why parents wouldn’t do that automatically. Good grounding and manners from a young age should hopefully last a lifetime. Sounds like a good school. :0)

  • I think manners are important, you can’t be TOO pleasant to someone can you? I was always made to stand up & give my seat up on a bus for example. But these days, you get people saying “Well I’ve paid for that seat, why should I, or my child give it up?”!

    What really got me, when I worked in a school, was the parents who, in front of their children, questioned a teacher’s judgement. I think that gives out the totally wrong idea about respect. If you have a grievance with a teacher, or school, make an appointment and don’t bring the chilld with you.

  • Roslet

    Julia – I have been known to say “Pardon?” in a very loud voice when people waltz through a door that I have opened. When they twirl round to say, “You what?” I retort with, “I thought you said thank you for holding the door open… but obviously I was mistaken!”

    When I worked at KPMG the senior tea lady used to say to members of staff who failed to hold the door as she and her trolley raced through, “Some people won’t make partner.” Little did they know that the senior partner asked her what she thought of everyone up for partnership in the London office… and yes, he often listened.

    So you do indeed reap what you sow!

  • Manners are definitely important in our school and hopefully I am instilling them in my children too. Trying to get off the bus with a buggy when people are pushing trying to get on is one of my pet hates.

    What is there left when people can’t be civil to one another?

  • The children at Maxi and Mini’s school hold the doors open for you. The school is in a deprived area and hold a lot on manners

  • I don’t think I have ever not gotten a smile back or a thank you when I have held the door open for someone.

    It is so nice to hear about a school where the kids learn manners.

    And thanks.

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