13 Challenges – #6/5 – Leicester

I was running some work shops at the University in Leicester, so we took the opportunity for a stay over and a look around. Obviously it was just for the evening but it was an interesting stay.

We had heard that there were wonderful curry houses around so I asked Twitter for some recommendations. We duly arrived at one only to find it was closed on Sunday evenings!

Another plea to Twitter produced the same restaurant from tweeps. Looking at our little map however, we seemed to be quite a long way from it. Not to be beaten, we decided to wander around the area where we were. After all, ‘Leicester has loads of curry houses’.

After a brisk walk of about 15 minutes, we found ourselves outside the place that had been suggested. We obviously were not good at assessing distance on maps. Pleased with our find, we go in to be greeting by the most delicious aromas. There were lots of people there which is always a good indication of quality.

A waitress came to greet us but was not able to help. Apparently, they were short of staff and had a ‘big party at the back’, so she was unable to accommodate us. To say we were shocked was an understatement. Indian restaurants that were not open 24/7 and turned custom away?!!

Time was pressing so we had to route march it back to the centre where we admitted defeat and went French instead!

Here is a selection of interesting things we saw whilst on our hunt!

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