100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#51

The rain certainly brought out some amazing writing from you all. Many thanks for digging deep, paddling and coming up swimmingly!

The prompt this week is another simple one:

…. the line was drawn ….

As always you have an additional 100 words to add to these 4 making 104 in total. The prompt must not be split and should be suitable for a PG certificate. Please visit and comment on others as it is this shared support that brings out the best in us. Do read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ if you are completly confused or leave a comment below!

The link will be open until 30th July

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  1. On the Edge
  2. Creation Story
  3. Craig Towsley
  4. It was time …
  5. Forbidden treasure
  6. Isabeau
  7. Flashes in the dark
  8. Two lines
  9. You said what?
  10. The Field
  11. Hooked on Books
  12. Yesterday I began a journey
  13. Demarcation
  14. On the Border
  15. Cross the line or else
  16. The Experiment
  17. No Way Back
  18. Time Traveller: Tor Greyson
  19. Living, Libraries & (dead) Languages
  20. …the line was drawn…
  21. One line at a time
  22. Drawing the line – ablogdog
  23. The Green Line
  24. Merciless Storm
  25. The One Percent!!
  26. Stay.I want you for dessert
  27. Showdown
  28. The Rebuilding
  29. A dish Best Served Cold
  30. A Line of Salt
  31. A Teacher’s View
  32. Limebird Writers
  33. Held at Bay
  34. Testament
  35. Master at Work
  36. Daddy Daughter time
  37. Leap of Faith
  38. When Enough is Enough
  39. H

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