Devon & Dorset road trip

How to pack more in

In his post yesterday Mike Gardner talked about Time Management and how you can seemingly find some more of that precious commodity. Our day yesterday was a road trip that went from Bristol to Devon then back to Dorset ending up in Weymouth. Reflecting on our day, I was really surprised that we had packed so much in and this post gives some ideas of how we did it.

Firstly, this was our planned itinerary. Our main reason for going west was to meet a fellow blogger Gilly Goldsworthy. We have been virtual friends for a while but had yet to meet. While we were in Devon we planned to pop into see a college friend of hubby’s, visit A La Ronde- a National Trust property and spend the night in Weymouth ready to meet another friend on Monday.

Unfortunately, as we hit the motorway, Gilly called to say she would not be able to meet up. Although really disappointed, this change in our plans gave us the chance to do some other things. Our final programme was:

  • Coffee at services on the motorway
  • Visit to friends in Tiverton
  • Time at A La Ronde (watch for blogs about this gem!)
  • Drive through Sidmouth where their folk festival was in full swing
  • Inching our way down the high street in Lyme Regis
  • Coastal road to Weymouth to book into the hotel
  • Evening out in Weymouth

Now, although we didn’t take in a huge mileage, the roads are narrow and winding often with a speed limit of 30mph so we weren’t haring around. So how did we managed to cover so many activities without feeling rushed?


By having a variety of activities, each has a freshness and a sense of anticipation.


As you come to a new activity, focus on it to the exclusions of what is to come. This is really important for the driver who can often be concentrating on the next part of the journey.


Having a plan can help ensure you make the best of your time but as with our day, being flexible was a bonus. We could have let Gilly’s absence colour our day but by being able to make some changes, the day seemed even fuller.

so, that was our day travelling across the south west. An added bonus was the sun shone all day! What are your tips for getting the best out of a day?

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  • travelwithmrst

    Flexibility and prioritization! When we’ve hit bad traffic and won’t have enough time at our destination, deciding what is the absolute must-see is important. When it rains when we get to our destination, and we had a long walk in mind, finding a museum where everyone will find something they like is a possible solution! But, sometimes you just continue walking in the rain, because you can still see beautiful monuments in crappy weather, and laugh when you get back home at your ‘still soaked’ jeans!

  • I agree, I dislike road trip because after awhile it gets blah, just sitting in a car but if we follow your suggestion it can be fun.

  • Glad you like it Gilly. As self hosted I am now so you do get a lot more choices (too many sometimes!) You should only have to sign up once & shouldn’t keep getting the form. I’ll double check that.

    As always, thank you for your support!

  • Ahh I’m so glad you had such a good time, it’s certainly my idea of a lovely trip, just really wish I’d shared some of the day. Did you stroll around Lyme at all? there are some nice foodie places!
    I like your new blogging style, the website seems to have given you more choices. Will I always have to fill in the form even though I’m following you? It seems odd that I can chose between three places to click to visit but thye don’t let me stay signed in to wordpress?

  • Some great lessons to be learnt here Julia, and thanks for the mention 🙂

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