Northern Angel

 Are you someone who can have their breath taken away? You are left with a lump in your throat & possibly tears in your eyes? I’m one of those although it doesn’t happen often.

It always happens when I’m in Paris & whichever end I am, I come round the corner to the Eiffel tower! Astonishing. If I see the Red Arrows streak across the sky, there is that sharp in-take of breath. Listening to the Last night of the Proms at the week-end & Elgar’s stirring Pomp & Circumstance March– there were tears!

My entry for Alphabe-Thursday Letter A did the same thing when I saw it! It is the Angel of the North. No picture can do it justice. It is magnificent! Try to see the people at the feet to get some idea of size!

It was designed by Antony Gormely who has done a number of unusual sculptures & is made of steel. It is situated in Gateshead in the North of England overlooking two major roads & a railway line. It is estimated that it is seen by 90,000 people every day! The massive 54m ‘wing span’ welcomes all visitors.

One amazing fact for me is that it is built over the site of a colliery so there is a synergy about the whole area.

As is often the case with ‘unusual art’  it has its critics as well as its followers. I’m definitely in the latter camp! What about you?


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