10 seaside activities to do when it rains

Seaside activities in the rain

Having just visited Weymouth I am now aware of all choices children have to occupy them at the beach. I must say, you would need quite a few pennies to satisfy all the requests to go on the rides that now litter the sand. That is all well and good but what seaside activities can you do in the rain? Here are some fun suggestions from my wonderful Twitter followers. They won’t all break the bank and won’t have your children reaching for a device!

Activities that will cost –
  1. Swimming outside might be too cold so take a dip in the swimming pool
  2. There are bound to be several play gyms or places with soft play available
  3. Bowling is always a favourite in holiday destinations
  4. The film makers usually make sure there is a block buster or two showing at the nearest cinema
Activities that are free
  1. Providing it is not pouring, put on your macs and wellies and explore the waterline to see who can find the most interesting things.
  2. If you are not under canvas let the children have a go at baking or cooking supper.
  3. Being in a different environment will mean seeing different things. Get the drawing things out to make an album of the holiday.
  4. Jigsaws concentrate the mind and offer a quiet activity. It can be a good way for children to co-operate with each other
  5. Monopoly – see who can build the biggest empire
  6. Keeping up the competitive air, how about betting on the speed that the rain drops fall down the window panes or how fast snails can travel!

Many of these are not restricted to being seaside activities and let’s face it, any holiday in the rain can be a problem but there are lots of things to do, most on a shoe string, that don’t involve staring at a screen.

I know you will have some suggestions of your own so leave them below to be added to the list!

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