Looking forward – #Nurture1314

At the end of last year, a group of folks involved in education put together their hopes and wishes for 2013. You can read my review of mine at #Nurture1213 – A Review’You will have noticed that last year’s was on a different blog. I have decided to write my hopes for 2014 here, as this blog is going to form part of my wishes.
2013 was always going to be tricky year for me as it was the year I became 61. The significance of this birthday in January can be read here ‘It’s Always There’. It was also the year when my retirement got serious. That is, the things I have been involved in got serious. Supporting two schools both in Ofsted categories with governance, the extension of 100 Word Challenge and all the challenges that brought with travelling around and increased social media presence, life felt that I was again in the world of work (minus a salary!)
It has made me stop and consider what I want to really achieve in the coming years. I now know that I can still make a contribution to the world of education BUT I have to be sensible. I am a sufferer of anxiety. Yes – I’m like a swan most of the time, serene in appearance but paddling like heck below the surface  and can empathise with Andy Mishmashlearning. It is thanks to the wonderful man I share my life with that things are not chaotic most of the time but we need time together too. So, here are my hopes for 2014 (with some from last year because they are important):

  1. Write more on this blog. When I started it, it was to be my professional space. That has impeded me from writing as it felt too ‘official’. From now on, I will say what I think!
  2. Read more.
  3. Enjoy the exercise I do rather than see it as a MUST.
  4. Book out Wednesdays. They are our ‘going on a picnic’ days and we need to get back on the trail of crossing off National Trust properties.
  5. Say NO more. The world won’t stop if there is a delay or even a cancellation.
  6. Accept that I am not just filling in time. I deserve to be here and have a contribution to make.
  7. Smile!
  8. Move the governance on in both my schools even if it means a tussle with the heads.
  9. Continue to seek to increase Team 100 membership. If you love reading wonderful writing by young authors and have a spare hour a week read THIS and get in touch.
  10. Look to share my passion for creative writing by visiting more schools. Do get in touch if I can help.
  11. Use my Twitter presence to support and promote good causes. If people take notice of me then I must take full advantage.
  12. Sing – either by joining a choir or just along with the radio.
  13. Be a glass half full at least, as much as possible.
  14. Tell my husband I love him at least once a day.

Quite a list but hopefully, the result will be a happier, more balanced me!

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