We need some balance

As a keen blogger and tweep, I have been saddened by the outpourings from teachers on Twitter and via blogs recently. Nothing in their world seems to be right. Whether it is Ofsted, Michael Gove, licensing, the curriculum or their SLT –  life seems to be cruel.
I am no longer in paid employment of any sort but am active in education through my governance work and of course 100 Word Challenge which puts me in touch with hard working, positive teachers who are working their socks off for their children and delight in their achievements.
I’m not saying that those teachers I referred to at the beginning are not hard working. What I do think is that all that negativity is not doing them and more importantly, the children, any good. Some of the pieces I have read have been horrific. If people have been treated in those ways, action should be taken against the perpetrators. It is difficult and may take time but it must be done.
Some posts would indicate to me that teaching may not be the career for some. I worry what impression all this wailing is doing for the reputation of the profession. I read in a blog (apologies for not remembering whose) concern that people considering teaching could be deterred from embarking on a career that is so depressed.
This morning however, I read two posts that have given me hope. In her reflections of her week, Mo Andrews also refers to the negativity and writes a great post in support of SLT. Certainly I can’t believe all leadership teams are as bad as some have been written about.
The other ray of sunshine came from Tom Sherrington and his rallying cry for teachers to do what they know is great. The key there is to the word ‘Great’. I agree with him that focusing on all that is wrong can become a barrier to just doing it.
I was very passionate about my job as a head teacher. I am still very passionate about education and so want it to flourish not only for the children but also for those who work in our schools. We need a bit of balance. We need more positive posts about SLT and being a teacher. Perhaps the reason there appear to be fewer of them is that they are just getting on and  ‘doing it’!

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