Really, really sorry Tara!

OK – I’m really sorry but I just couldn’t help it. You said 24 hours so….*gulps* (Apologies for small photo. WordPress is not letting me edit pictures so I’m having to use a medium setting which is nowhere as good as large that I trim down! :() Now pop over to Sticky Fingers & see some ‘proper’ entires. (Sorry again!)

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A Pear by any other name!

Just had to share! Couldn’t find what I was looking for so asked one of Tesco’s finest lads: ‘Can you tell me where the avocado pears are please?’ ‘Umm. I don’t know what those are. I’m sorry. I know where the  avocados are & I know where the pears are but I’ve never heard of those!’ BLESS! Image thanks to Google

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