New kiwi on the block!

 This is not an advert for Tescos although I do owe them a thank you. Hubby and I often go to our local store on a Saturday. We have a cup of coffee, talk about our goodies for the week-end and have a leisurely amble around. We do our big weekly shop in another Tesco store (long story and for […]

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The Eat Happy Project

The other day when I was doing my shopping in Tesco, I came across a group of primary children being encouraged to taste herbs. They were then moved along to bananas and later I could hear the assistant talking about potatoes! I was intrigued and noticed ‘Farm to Fork Trail’ on the back of one of the high-vis tops the […]

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Tesco and the Army!

Seen on Sunday at our local Tescos -two army personal in full camouflage uniform, berets at the required angle and both looking very smart. I caught up with them at the check-out and my eye was drawn to their purchases.There were seven or eight of these ( apparently greatly reduced in price) and four tins of boot polish. The chairs […]

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