Parent Matters#1 – Early Years

This occasional series is for teachers and parents exploring areas of concern that parents have about all matters educational. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A number of parents have expressed concern that their youngsters will be pushed to learn before they are ready. I interpreted this to mean worries about ‘formal’ learning like sitting in rows writing, arithmetic and reading for the children. For […]

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Too Risky??

I have just read an interesting post by Tara Cain ‘Wringing Every Last Drop Out of School. In it she describes her frustration at the restrictions that now abound the primary school and the playground specifically. She mentions how the list of banned things is growing ever longer with such things as football swap cards, hand stands & cartwheels.She (& […]

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Resource Centre – Week #18

The entries last week were ideal for classrooms! We had touring museums from the Daily Dabbler ,some bubble printing and straw painting from Melissa at the Chocolate Muffin Tree and some great gardening journals from Kathy at the Nurture Store The ideas on the Resource Centre are for teachers to use in their classrooms as well as parents and carers […]

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