Help on how to reduce cholesterol

How to lower cholesterol

A survey by Flora ProActiv reveals that retirement is no longer seen as a tranquil time but rather the perfect time to be active, try out new things and explore the world.   Some facts about over 50s, according to the survey: 58% feel younger than they are and 46% see age as no barrier to adventure 33% are twice […]

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How would you describe retirement?

What words would you use the describe retirement? This was one of the questions posed in a recent survey carried out by the Skipton Building Society and as a ‘retired but not retiring woman’, they asked for my views on their results. They interviewed 2000 people and generally the response was positive towards being retired. The 65% to 35% split […]

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I’m on Holiday!

I’m on holiday! Not a very amazing revelation given it is the summer. It is also not a surprise, you may think, given that hubby and I are both retired but that is where you would be wrong! When I retired hubby we decided that we would set up a daily routine. This was in part to help me settle […]

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