Treble M!

The Alphbe- Thursday alphabet carnival has reached the letter ‘M’ this week. I had all sorts of things in mind along the lines of my travel posts. Unfortunately, my darling husband has been really poorly since New Year’s Eve & I haven’t been able to do the research! Rather than miss out (you know I can’t bear to miss the […]

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My Pride! – revisited

After the emotional roller coaster of my DS wedding, I have decided to take a few days off from the blog. I can’t bear the thought of you not finding something to look at though Dear Reader so will post some from the archive that you may have missed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This post was first published in June 2010 but the […]

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This week’s Saturday Centus has an autumnal feel to it with a halloween theme. As usual the propmt is in blue & I used another 100 words to finish the piece. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Trick or treat!” they shouted as the door opened. He gave them the sweets that had been put ready. ‘Trick or treat’, he thought to himself. How many […]

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