Julia's Joy! – revisited

  This week’s theme for Tara’s Gallery is ‘Joy’ . This is to balance things after last week’s Ugly. I found this quite difficult because in many ways, it would depend on the time, place & my mood. I looked the word JOY up in the Collins English dictionary & it said: ‘a deep feeling or condition of happiness or contentment; […]

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My Mate!

This is such a happy picture! Two people clearly comfortable with each other. You’re making that silly face again that I tease you about! It’s not always likes this though is it?. There have been such dark times. Things we wouldn’t want anyone to go through. Times when the tears, pain & sadness engulfs me that I can’t move. You […]

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Tales from the Head’s Office! #3

Having retired as a primary head teacher & following the suggestion of my dear friend Paula I have decided to write an occasional series about the highs & lows of my headship career. It spanned 13 years & included 3 schools. I hope you enjoy my tales! *****************************************************************   Royalty This picture is of me with my dearest friend Trina. It […]

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