Jessica Fletcher

The theme for the Gallery this week is ‘Inspirational Women’ and mine is Jessica Fletcher. I’m sure there will be some wonderful pieces about family and friends who have provided inspiration so do go and visit Sticky Fingers My choice is a fictional character. When I retired from headship, life was really tough. I suffer from anxiety and the demons […]

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Julia – First thing!

For the Gallery this week, Tara has decided to be a bit unfriendly. The theme is ‘Self Portrait’ . Now we know from the Dove advert that women do not like how they look so  the thought of parading to the world is daunting. However, I always try to do as I’m asked so have shown you the awfulness that is me first thing. I […]

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Where is your nose?

Over at Sticky Fingers, Tara is celebrating ‘Red Nose Day 25th anniversary’ She has also drawn our attention to Team Honk. So this week the Gallery is all about noses and silliness! BE GLAD YOUR NOSE IS ON YOUR FACE Be glad your nose is on your face,                           […]

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