We are friends?

This poem is an entry for Fragile Friendships over at Pooky’s Poems. Do pop over to read some more pieces! Oh course I’ll always be your friend Whatever life and people send Of course I’ll always take your side And never, ever want to hide In case you let me down by always trying to play the clown Of course […]

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Remembering Winnie

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Face Book will know that my husband lost a dear friend recently. Theirs was a perfect example of how friendship covers distance, culture and time. Again, regular readers will know about the Fleet trip that Nick takes each year to Leeds. Wingrove Austin Manners was a member of the opposing team. […]

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A Surprise Hug!

Yesterday, I tweeted that I had found a lovely bunch of tulips by the door. There was no note or anything to indicate where they had come from. Here they are Later I got an email from the sender explaining that she had popped in to see if I was OK. I was so touched by her kindness. The reason for her […]

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