Like toast!

I don’t often get approached to promote items on this blog but when I do I’m really quite excited. To be honest I’m not sure PR firms know what to send me as I don’t really fit into a particular niche.

I have been asked to give these thermal leggings a try and I have to say they are AMAZING! You don’t really know you’ve got them on as they are light and SO soft. However, when you are out in the cold you certainly know that something is keeping you warm.

As you know Dear Reader, hubby is a football fan and we go to quite a few matches. Sitting or standing for the couple of hours of the match can get me so cold I can’t move. These great leggings from Heat Holders have made the whole experience more than bearable.

There is a full range of items you can get, all of them with that special thermal ingredient that just keeps you warm as toast!

(Apologies for the photo. It is very hard to show off a pair of leggings when they are not covering a body!)

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