Leather iphone cover by Velconn

Leather iphone cover

Another gift has arrived – this time in the shape of a leather iphone cover.


Now I don’t usually bother with such fancies. In the past, I have used a protector sheet on the front which stops the screen from getting scratched. I have to own up to giving the job of putting it on to hubby as I’m too impatient for the gentle approach needed to make sure there aren’t lots of bubbles and ridges on it.

To make sure the iphone is protected in my bag and doesn’t slip off  tables I also put it in a non slip holder. These come in a variety of colours and designs. I’ve always gone for either black or transparent.

This product

The folks over at Velconn were looking for bloggers to try out their Italian leather iPhone cover and I thought that this might be the time to start looking at one after realizing  how much of my life has come to rely on this device!

Velconn leather iphone case



The presentation box was very swish with a pull-out drawer revealing the case. I like packaging that tells you this is something special!


As you can see, there is a sturdy magnetized clasp that snaps shut when you close it.



Velconn leather iphone cover



It turns out that if you fold the case back on itself, the clasp still fastens and forms a stand that makes online viewing hands free should you wish that facility.

Clever eh?!



One of the reasons I have never gone for this sort of cover is the need to hold the open case to your ear. It must be very uncomfortable to hold that at the side of your face, with flaps getting in the way and definitely looks a bit odd and not cool at all..

This case from Velconn does not need to be open when you use it as a phone. The feature is called the hearing cut-out and certainly makes sense to me.

Additional features

If you look closely at the photo below, you’ll see sections for business and bank cards on the left with a wallet section for some notes.


Leather iphone cover


This product is made of REAL leather, a point that Velconn are very proud of. It feels very rigid in your hands so you know your phone will be safe. It does make the phone larger and for me (lady with a small handbag) it is a tight squeeze but it certainly does all the things it should! Looking on Amazon, it is also available in tan.

So, if present lists for Santa include an iphone, you may like to explore this cover for it. The life-time guareentee that comes with it means your money is safe!

What sort of a case do you use, if any?

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  • Looks nice quality but I’d prefer some more interesting colours!

    • Hi Lucid!

      We currently have Noble Black & Tan Brown available. However we are looking into expanding our colour range in January. We are evaluating white, link pink/peach pink, dark/midnight blue and vine dark red colours.

      We will be more than happy to take any suggestions because that is what we at Velconn are all about, we carefully listen to what customers feedback and see what we can do to please them.


      Best regards,

      Kirsty A.,
      Customer Services,
      Velconn UK

      • Thanks Kirsty, I have a rose gold i phone and its very difficult to find a case that it good quality, functions well, and is feminine without being twee. Maybe you’ll come up with a leather colour that works with rose gold – there must be millions of them out there!

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