It’s all about suction!

When my husband took early retirement at 49 (package was too good to miss!) he agreed to do some house work. This would stop me needing to find the time at the week-ends when I usually had school work to do.

I don’t know about you, but watching a man do household jobs is painful. I’m lucky that mine has done the ironing for years. That came about when he wanted to watch Italian football on Sundays so in exchange he did the ironing. He irons very well but SLOWLY. He does cook supper once a week, but creates more washing up than you can imagine and everything has to be timed. However, I can hear you shouting ‘at least he does it’.

So, back to the housework. He was not keen. He drew up this amazing rota where he would do a room a week. Now when I say ‘do a room’ he cleared it and started from scratch! Needless to say he would use any excuse to leave these jobs and when I retired it was obvious that I would take on the cleaning.

I quite like dusting and hoovering as you can see when you’ve done it (yes we have lots of dust in our house). I did need a new hoover though and we researched and got a Dyson after speaking to the assistants in John Lewis. They were so thorough and let me have a little play in the shop to make sure the machine we bought felt right. They even sprinkled some debris for me to vacuum up!

Well, I now want another one. This is not to replace my hoover but in addition. I have an OLD non-electrical push along which really has seen better days so I’m off to John Lewis to have a look at what is on the market now. I quite fancy one of those digital slim ones. I wonder if hubby will want to change jobs with me then?

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  • I lovvveeeee my Miele. Quiet and efficient. Good luck with the search. And I’m with you on the cleaning. When my husband “does the garage,” which is really an extension of our house, everything gets turned upside down and reorganized. But that’s really his thing. I’m not an organizer, and if there’s not a designated space for something, I’m hard pressed to figure out what to do with it. Our brains are very different.

  • You could get a robot one and both sit back and watch it!

  • It is indeed painful to watch men do housework. I remember when my father retired and my mother worked, he agreed to pitch in but you’d think he’d moved heaven and earth when he gleefully explained everything he’d done when Mom got home. 😉

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