I’m in the pink with Snugg!

Just like red buses, you wait and wait for one to come along and then blow me down – two come along together!

This is what has happened with PR firms asking me to review their products. Now this little beauty is not a stranger to me. The wonderful folk over at Snugg sent me a couple of cases for my ipad last year – Snugg – a review and I have been very pleased with them.

However, when they contacted me recently I found that the product has been improved!

 Now, you may be able to see from these ‘not very good pictures’ but this edge is a fraction wider. This means the ‘stand’ that is made is just a little higher. I mentioned in my last review that it may be a pain having to secure this stand but actually, it has proved very secure and I’ve got used to clipping it in.

The other big change are these pockets for cards or notes. I am finding them really useful. Often at conferences you are given business cards and by the time you have got home and sorted through your bag, they have disappeared.

As you can see, it is in Hot Pink! How fab is that for me. You know how ditzy I’ve become in my dotage for pink.

I did ask a question last time and that referred to the elastic strap. I’ve not used it but can see how you would. However, this is my picky point (you have to have one don’t you?!) I do wish they had made it black elastic rather than the white. Reminds me of knickers!

Since my last review there have been a number of new devices and Snugg have kept up with them all so don’t think you can only get ipad covers. There is a huge range including a snazzy stylus. You can see them all here SNUGG

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