Compact beauty

Jane Vanroe

Holding something beautiful that has been hand crafted can be such a wonderful experience. When that beauty is also practical and for you – it is heaven!


Compact beauty

 Let me introduce you to Jane Vanroe, a designer from Yorkshire who, not being able to find what she wanted when looking for a gift for a friend, made her own!

Jane Vanroe

I received this gift and  everything about it was luxurious. A solid box with a thick velvet cushion containing a velvet, drawstring purse.

The weight inside the pouch told me this was not a flimsy something but a real treasure. The Black Orchid compact mirror I discovered inside is beautiful. The colours are really vivid with a shine that comes through the enamel used for it’s design. Inside there is a choice of an ordinary or magnified mirror. Just holding it makes you feel very special.

Jane takes her design inspiration from nature and folklore. Many of the flowers depicted on the compacts have their own story and special message. The Black Orchid –

They are believed to be mysterious flowers, with magical powers

Christmas is coming up fast and you may well have someone in mind for one of these beautiful objects. However, you have had a tough year, done as best you can and worked hard so why not treat yourself? I know freshening up my lipstick will now feel so much better than using the back of my phone!

Jane Vanroe

Go on! Treat yourself!

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